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This is a large-scale business application to help freelancers be more productive. This app is currently being developed and is not available to the public. My contributions include coding most of the authorization/authentication as well as architectural consulting, bug fixes,and cloud service integration. I work closely with the senior architect to incorporate features. The project is in development

JavaScript for Sound Artists

JavaScript for Sound Artists is a book that I wrote to help sound artists learn JavaScript programming at the beginner level. Topics covered include JavaScript, HTML,CSS,JQuery and the Web Audio API. I am also responsible for the cover art concept and website design.


This is a React/Redux application that helps users learn to play the guitar. Using the Web Audio API, I wrote code for a pre-existing application that lets students record their performances and play them back. The preliminary code for this feature is available here. In addition to programming I consulted the client on the Web Audio API and JavaScript.

Five Letter Words (Game)

This is a prototype of a mobile game that I was contracted to code and it has a mobile-first user interface. The game mechanics were provided by the client. The goal of the game is to move the columns and letters around and spell a new word on the center yellow row.The tricky part is that the movement of the letters is constrained. For each correct match, the user is awarded points. The code is organized using the module pattern and Node.JS was used to parse dictionary lists.

Workflow Magic

This is a minimalistic workflow business management application that I am currently developing for personal use. As a freelancer you might have many different clients and each client will need you to learn specific procedures, services and to conform to parts of their workflow. Workflow Magic helps you to organize your client information

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